Here at Ozzy, We do not care about you giving us money. We only care about giving our users the best experience we can. We look for bugs after every update to ensure you can have the best experience possible. To read the privacypolicy, run the privacypolicy command after inviting the bot to your server.

Leading Features

The following are the features that make Ozzy stand out from any ordinary discord bot.



We have un-matched music quality. We also have unmatched music features, the ability to keep playing 24/7 as long as you have enabled loop song or queue. We also have commands like filter which allows you to choose from over 11 options!



With customizability never seen before, Ozzy separates itself from many other FREE discord bots.



With lots of powerful moderation commands, Ozzy is able to handle any moderation comands you throw at it. With temporary ban commands and more, this is all you need for moderation on your server.r